Cancun beach photo iconic landmarks for your Cancun photography beach session. Amazing Cancun beaches, majestic Cancun sunrise, beautiful mangroves, breathtaking Nizuc Canal and lovely sunsets are part of the different scenarios for your Cancun photography session while on vacation.
As the days get hotter and summer approaches, the fever for family beach photos does too. During your next family vacation to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, why not set up a session for family beach portraits? You have prefect scenarios with sandy white beaches and turquoise waters to create the perfect portrait! Keep these tips in mind when you start to plan your family photography:
Plan your session early in the trip – Caribbean weather can be unpredictable and you want to plan for the unexpected. Make sure to plan your session early in your trip so you have an extra day to re-schedule in case of rain.
Pick the right time of day – The sun is bright in Cancun and you don’t want to be squinting in your family portrait so make sure to choose a time early in the morning or late in the afternoon to take your photos.
Don’t sunburn – Be careful with the sun. Cancun is located closer to the equator which means we have strong sun rays. Use sunblock and protect yourself. You don’t want sunburn marks in your family photography.
Choose your attire wisely – There are many options for clothing, try to choose solid bright colors and stay away from patterns. Use clothing that feel and fit comfortably. Clothes that fit big or small will reflect in the photos. Be careful with see through clothing, bra straps and panty lines, that may show up in the photos. Unless you know Photoshop, any photographer will charge extra for their creative time.
Manage your hair – The weather in Cancun is very humid and your hair might not cooperate like normal. Plus the beach can be windy so be prepared and wear your hair up or free from your face to avoid having a battle with fly away hair during your photo session in Cancun.
Following these simple tips will guarantee a pleasant and fun experience with your Cancun photographer!

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